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For Whom the Cock Crows

Okay, so here I have been hit with a new situation. And this one is actually not my fault. Not really.

Not too long ago, I woke very early to a crowing rooster.  So, thinking that one of my chickens had morphed into a rooster, I went out to the coop to take a look. Nope, chickens  are still in the coop sleeping (like that damn rooster should have been), and I can hear the rooster crowing from the direction of my Olive tree. I can’t see it  because it’s still dark out (do you hear that, you rooster?), and I had to leave for work soon. Shining a flashlight didn’t help, as that rooster was well hidden. So, ignoring the rooster, I went in the coop to feed the rabbit and all my hens ran out before I had time to shut the door. And here I was thinking that I’d lock them in for the day, until I had time to catch the rooster but no such luck. I was already late for work, it was still dark, and I hate driving to work before the sun comes up, plus I’m grumpy, because that rooster stole my coffee making time.

 “L” notices the rooster is getting onto my back porch, so he takes matters into his own hands. He puts up deer netting to enclose the porch and hangs a sign to warn me, probably so I don’t kill myself trying to walk through the gate. I wonder if it occurred to him to try to catch the rooster?

chicken prison


That rooster was not leaving, and besides, I still hadn’t seen what he looks like.

Fast forward a few weeks, after I finally spotted the renegade over the weekend having a good time with my hens– as they were chasing him away from their coop.

Last night I got a note in my mailbox which read, “Hi neighbor, not sure what you can do about your rooster but it now comes in my yard, on my roof and wakes us up. I do know it is against city ordinance to have a rooster… So please keep it in your yard and quiet. Thx much, Neighbor. Ps. Thanks for working on the fence. Looks much better.”

Now it just figures I’d get blamed the first time I was innocent.

I wrote her back, “Hi neighbor, that rooster was abandoned in our neighborhood and probably chose my backyard to stay in due to my attractive hens, the little sluts. He has been waking me up, too. So, my idea is this: I’ll try to catch him– he’s rascally and likes to fly away when I get too close– and if I succeed, I’ll invite you over for roast chicken and we can have a good laugh over the situation. Ps. Can you do me a favor and let the other neighbors know he’s not mine? Thx much. “

It occurred to me that one person’s assessment of the situation might be the entire neighborhood’s, a supposition which might anger some folks. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a flyer to pass out:

The villain

It reads, “You may have heard… Our neighborhood (or, namely my house) has been terrorized by an abandoned rooster. He seems to have adopted my yard as his place to roam during the day, but I have no idea where he goes at night. It occurs to me that after some neighbors complained about “my” rooster, that this villainous bird might be making me unpopular in the ‘hood.  I’ve tried to catch him but he’s elusive, and besides, he’s gone by the time I usually get home. I’ve named him Joe Cocker.

If this rooster belongs to anyone you know, please let them know he is alive and well. If he doesn’t belong to anyone you know, and you are tired of his raucous and loud behavior, please be my guest and try to catch him. He’s like a guest who won’t leave.

If you’re willing to take this dastardly bird on, please give me a call and I’ll try to help.”

The flyers have been passed out and yet my phone is strangely silent. Maybe they like it when he wakes us up? We may never know.