The work has been steady but never monotonous. It seems that once I get an idea regarding what I’d like to see happen in my front and back yards, the weeds chime in and grow, grow grow.  And that’s okay. Even weeds mean growth and growth means fertile soil. For that, I rejoice as I have limited space to put in raised planter beds and have started planting in between the raised beds as well. The onions at our only local grocery store look awful and are $1.99/pound. I won’t spend that much on onions when it’s just as easy and much cheaper to grow them myself. A friend gave me two starts of walking onions at a plant exchange party I recently hosted. These onions grow additional “topsets” on the tops of their stalks, arch over and replant themselves. They are perennials and their new home is the ground between my raised beds.

Another unusual item I have been recently introduced to are ground cherries. These cousins to the tomatillo have never been sold in the Bay Area as far as I know. I have never heard of them, but when another blog mentioned them, I posted that they sound like something I would like to try. A woman from CT offered to send me seeds, and when they arrived, I planted them quickly and now have starts planted in the ground. I hope they taste as good as their description.

Not that everything I plant actually grows. So far, I’ve had very good luck with kale, arugula, cilantro and summer squash. But I also want eggplant, strawberries, cucumber, lettuce, Spring broccoli, and sugar snap peas.

Want pics? I have been using the layered or lasagna method because to me, it seemed to make sense.

Here we go! On to the front yard.



During, covering the mostly weedy grass with newspaper, then mulch. At this point, the yard looked like it had a bad haircut:


After. It is now ready for some topsoil and whatever perennial herbs I choose to plant:


The back yard is another story. I won’t bore you with every angle, even though I’ve taken before and after pictures of every angle I’ve got (and boy have I got them).

The back yard before  I got anything planted (late summer 2011):

Back yard just starting out

The back yard one spring later. The raised beds were complete and cover crops had been planted over the rest of the soil to replenish the dirt. The mess of weeds is what I call “flourishment” and most of them are edible:

Weeds gone wild

But here is where we get to the exciting part. The yard is taking shape, a hugelkultur (the mound of dirt at the end) is being built up at the end of the raised beds, and some order is finally taking place. Another raised bed is going in front of the closest bed soon:


No huge transformation has taken place, but I have growth, and it’s edible growth. This is more than I could have dreamed of doing on my own. I’ve had help, of course, and I do want my yard to eventually look like a picture out of a Sunset magazine. But, for now, I have food, and eggs and the love of my friends/family.   I feel damned proud of myself.


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