About Me

Growing up, I lived weekends and summers on a little Bay Area farm. In high school, I was lucky enough to spend the entire year living there.

Telling someone that I’m a little bit country while at the same time affirming I was raised in the Bay Area seems contradictory. My best memories stem from working outside, communing with the animals, and cooking home-made meals for family or friends. I didn’t have a car, I had a horse named Gia. And I could ride Gia whenever the need pressed me, as long as I groomed her and took care of her tack. This little farm more than made up for the dysfunction at home, and the mean girls at school.

Now I’m an adult with my own little postage stamp sized home and matching yard, a full-time job and the same love for the livestock, gardening and cooking that I’ve always had.

My passion runs toward making sustainable living available for everyone at all income levels, even when working full-time, or when grounds for growing foods and renewable resources are not available. There are ways to achieve this with help from the community.

My purpose here is to help support and glean ideas from the community at large.

I’m a computer tech geeky type person by trade. In this blog, I’m chronicling what it would take for one very inexperienced person to gain the skills needed for self-management in the city, or anywhere else.  I don’t have a whole lot of tips… yet. However, I have plenty of resources and interesting links, and I hope, something interesting to say.

C’mon. Let’s go!


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